Welcome! I know your time is valuable so I won’t waste it—you’ll be finished reading this in a New York minute. I’m Scott Hampton, the creative behind Scott Hampton Shoots. Yes, I’m a photographer, and like you, I love to eat, have a good time, learn new things, and achieve my goals, so we’ll get along just fine.

Believe it or not, my blog isn’t about photography. While it’ll include photography-related issues, I won’t teach you to take pictures. Why? Because there are millions of blogs that do that well (I won’t compete with them) and because there are other topics that matter more to you, like looking your best in your photos, eating a good meal, having a good time, and taking care of yourself. 

This blog will cater to the creative individuals of New York City who are constantly on the move, making connections, running to meetings, and attaining their goals. You know who you are. I’m here to help you, whether you’re one of my clients or not. You can benefit from the blog if you’re in other big cities, or even in small cities, but this blog will have an undeniable New York City flavor. I’m going to give tips, discuss techniques, review various products, and share insightful content to help you look and feel your best.

You’re welcomed to read my blog and comment on the blog posts. That way, we can form a mini-community around our common interests and benefit from each other’s input. Subscribe to the blog and enjoy the content. Click the “Subscribe” button and you’ll be notified whenever there is new content to enjoy.

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