Everyone is busy in New York City because there’s always something to do, always somewhere to go, and always someone to see. There’s never time for anything, but everyone needs everything so they can get their things done. All of this haste can lead to burnout and dampen your desire to succeed in your business. Thankfully, there’s one thing you can do to alleviate this pressure so you can be at your best: schedule some time to recharge yourself.

Recharge Yourself with Yoga

My preferred way to recharge is through yoga. It’s a total-body activity that can recharge you from head to toe and is relatively inexpensive and accessible. If you can’t get to a dedicated yoga studio like Heal Haus or Urban Asanas you can do yoga in your apartment or room. All you need is a yoga mat, a few poses you’ve memorized, and a few feet of space.

Schedule 15 minutes for yourself where you roll out your mat and get down to business. Breathe and stretch… Breathe…and stretch… That’s all you have to do. I’m currently using the “Where to Start Yoga: For Beginners” video from Superhuman Yogi (I keep a copy on my iPhone and iPad so I can watch it in a variety of environments). You can also peruse YouTube for an unlimited amount of brief yoga videos that will help you recharge so you can get back to business. 

iCal and Google Calendar have a purpose and it’s not to schedule time for everyone and everything else at your expense. Even though you’re busy, make sure you schedule some time to recharge yourself. 

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