Thankfulness, or “thanks giving”, should be paired with action. Are you thankful for a gift someone gave you? Return the favor by giving them a gift. Are you thankful for a referral someone gave you? Tell someone else about the wonderful work they do. Thankful your date took you out for a scrumptious meal? Cover dessert, or take them to an equally (or better) place to eat next time.

Don’t let the Thanksgiving holiday be the only time you say thank you. Sidney Poitier, in “A Piece of the Action,” considered saying thank you to be a common courtesy: nothing taken away from you. While there isn’t much to saying thank you, there is much to showing thankfulness.

Be mindful of the deed someone did for you and put forth the action to prove to them that you legitimately feel gratitude instead of using useless platitudes. Then, reciprocate!

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