Thank Your Support Team With a Gift

December 17, 2018Blog, Business, Mindfulness

Think about the service you received all year from your support team. The dry cleaners made sure your clothing was pressed just right. The print house made sure your resume was always printed on the good bright white Strathmore, not the unassuming 20# white copy paper. Your babysitter made sure the children were soundly asleep … Read More

Setu Yoga’s “I See You” Event at Chelsea Piers

December 3, 2018Blog, Event, Mindfulness, Self-Care

Setu Community is hosting an event tomorrow in Brooklyn that promises great engagement, immersive dialogue, heartfelt inclusivity, artsy people, and free food. There’s more to life than photography and running a small business so I’ll be in attendance for some self care and fellowship, as well as to support my first yoga teacher, Hillary Lopes.

Put Some Action to Your Thankfulness

November 19, 2018Blog, Mindfulness

Thankfulness, or “thanks giving”, should be paired with action. Are you thankful for a gift someone gave you? Return the favor by giving them a gift. Are you thankful for a referral someone gave you? Tell someone else about the wonderful work they do. Thankful your date took you out for a scrumptious meal? Cover … Read More

Schedule Some Time to Recharge Yourself

November 6, 2018Blog, Mindfulness, Self-Care

Everyone is busy in New York City because there’s always something to do, always somewhere to go, and always someone to see. There’s never time for anything, but everyone needs everything so they can get their things done. All of this haste can lead to burnout and dampen your desire to succeed in your business. Thankfully, there’s one thing you can do to alleviate this pressure so you can be at your best: schedule some time to recharge yourself.